dont call me mcthugget or ill kill you


this is vallio, in the flesh and blood an actual skull grunt who loves cats!!

number 1, pretty cool and awesome!!! IM ACTUALLY A BUG USING A COMPUTER

vallio is the coolest on mastodon, they like pokemon which is fucking cool

vallio is ceniso's jetsetradio wife by utter coincidence

vallios brother is vergil who bullies them everyday, i will fight him personally

-Vinesauce- Mahina Pea Compilation01:04

-Vinesauce- Mahina Pea Compilation

hey this video gets kinda loud at the end but if you scream this vallio will answer your call no matter what

Screenshot 1

vallio, readying to kick vergils ass

i also really care about my friends so if u see me crying about my friends its the usual


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