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Hey I'm Ghast but my real name is Sullivan if you don't wanna call me Ghast, I'm 18, Male, and a High school graduate from an alternative school. I'm an ENFP and I was born August 1st 1999. My favourite number is 9 and I'm pretty good at math and science and I love to learn and talk. Also Osomatsu Matsuno is my fucking boyfriend/husband.

My account is @ghstmsk and you can generally find me under the username ghstmsk on other sites (not on all though and there may be a chance its not me).

Joined in June of 2017.

-MMD- Osomatsu Thrift Shop00:45

-MMD- Osomatsu Thrift Shop

Ghast actually made this can I die yet

Yall free to put what ever the fuck you want here

Ghast is gay

@jojoba was here haha wanna see gibb erish baby?

#1 provider of Bad Content

Modern talking, modern walking in the streets. New desire. Take me higher, Lift me higher with your speed, I need fire.

Get the satellite if you want to see me. Talking on the net, I know the way you like it. Get your credit card, 'Cause I need no money, All I wanna get is you baby.

Running in the nineties, is a new way I like to be. I'm just running in the nineties, come on baby run to me. We are running in the nineties, is a new way to set me free. I'm just running in the nineties.

Yes I wanna know, yes I wanna see.

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